Excerpt from “Kelly – Adult (Seriocomedic)”

Monologues for the Serious Actor by Bob Berry

Excerpt from “Kelly – Adult (Seriocomedic)”:

A Trucker’s Life

My girlfriend, Sheila, says I am a child trapped in a man’s body. Well, she can
say that all she wants. Little does she know. I drive an eighteen-wheeler five
days a week and have a “girl in every port” as they say. I don’t spend as much
time with each of them as I do with Sheila, but none of these ladies ever said I
was a child trapped in a man’s body. That’s bullshit! I left Detroit the other night,
and I hadn’t yet stopped for gas and coffee. Anita just lit up when I walked into
the truck stop. The first thing out of her mouth was “Ain’t you a sight for sore
eyes!” She has a way of really making a man feel like a man. I spent over an
hour at her place, and she knows I’ll be back in three weeks for more of the

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