Excerpt from “Steve – Twenties to Thirties (Dramatic)”

Monologues for the Serious Actor by Bob Berry

Excerpt from “Steve – Twenties to Thirties (Dramatic)”:

Belt-High Fastball

You just want me to talk about myself? Hey, that brings to mind all sorts of wonderful
adjectives! My name is Steve Arnett. I’m into outdoor sports … girls
and … (Pauses.) Outdoor sports. (Very nervous) I was a B+ student in high
school and lettered in baseball and basketball. I acted in a couple of plays. Some
people said I was pretty good

And I was good in baseball. Real good. I played shortstop and had a helluva
arm. Was a tough contact hitter. Used to spray the ball to all fields and was
good enough in my senior year that a San Diego scout came to take a look at me.
Just me, ya know?

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