Excerpt from “Curt – Adult (Comedic)

Monologues for the Serious Actor by Bob Berry

Excerpt from “Curt – Adult (Comedic)”:

Beware of Jacuzzis

Now, I may not be the brightest guy on the planet—or even in Marion County
for that matter. But I was alarmed at a recent experience I had in an above-average
motel in Bloomington. Now, I have done many things in my life that were
daring and mind-boggling even to me—but this …

You see, in my upper years, I have never been in a Jacuzzi. Never tempted
or cared to, but when offered the only room they had at a lower price with a
Jacuzzi, I said, “Sure.” Live a little. Right? Now unfortunately, in more ways
than one, I was by myself. I thought, “What the heck?” So in my room, I anxiously
turned on the warm water and added a small plastic bottle of an expensive-
smelling mineral-oil bath gel made by some fancy-sounding company from
London, England. I felt like royalty.

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