Excerpt from “Matt – Adult (Dramatic)”

Monologues for the Serious Actor by Bob Berry

Excerpt from “Matt – Adult (Dramatic)”:

Man Vents His Suppressed Anger upon a Close Acquaintance

God, it’s a beautiful day! I don’t remember it being so warm this early in the
year. And how about those clouds! I think they’re called cumulus—those big,
billowy, puff-ball types. Anyway, they are gorgeous against that azure sky.

Bet you think I’m a poet or something. Well, I’m not. Do appreciate today,
though. Won’t be another day like it. Not for me, at least. I’m going to kill a
man. Yep. I’m going to add one more to the country’s statistics.

(Points to the heavens.) Thanks, Dad, for bringing that German Mauser
home from World War II. It’s going to get some action today. Probably the first
time it has been fired since I had it cleaned eight or nine years ago. I’ve always
meant to shoot it again, and today I get my chance.

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