Excerpt from “Barry – Adult (Comedic)”

Monologues for the Serious Actor by Bob Berry

Excerpt from “Barry – Adult (Comedic)”:

Imaginary Laughs

My name is Barry. Barry Bohring—B-O-H-R-I-N-G. You can laugh if you like.
I’m used to it. You see, my parents were comedians, but they died … on the
stage in Omaha. I mean, they tanked at the Holiday Inn they were playing. So
they moved to Fargo. That’s about as “far as you can go.” (Laughs.) Get it? Far
as you can go. My parents gave up the stage for trying to raise nicotine-free
tobacco in a ten-by-twenty-foot greenhouse in Fargo. No success so far, but it’s
only been seven years.

My entire family is a bit on the odd side, if you know what I mean. Think
“Barry Bohring” is a hoot? My cousin’s last name is Kospey. First name: Colon.
Colon Kospey.

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