Excerpt from “Ryan – Adult (Dramatic)”

Monologues for the Serious Actor by Bob Berry

Excerpt from “Ryan – Adult (Dramatic)”:

Scars of War

Nam? You want to know about Nam? Why? (Pauses.) Writing a book? Okay.
What do you want to know? (Pauses.) Well, I went in the service when I was
nineteen. Basic training was a blast. Built up the physique and caught the eyes
of girls … lots of girls during that period. Couldn’t get enough of them. I was
on top of the world back then. Felt much better about myself than I did when I
was growing up. Dad always had a drink in his hand, and my mother was mild
and meek. Wonderful mother, but soft. You know what I mean. Oh, well, that’s
water under the bridge.

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